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1Descriptive names
2The Movies of Archibald Leach, Bernard Schwartz, & Lucille LeSueur
3Crossword Clues “B”
4A Meticulous Analysis of History
5Also a Mars Explorer
7Our New Cetacean Overlords
8Died on the Fourth of July
9Biblical Prophets
10Education Business & Industry
12Rhapsody in Blue
13Capital “City”-s
14Other Things that Start With “Sh” and End with “T”
15Math, New & Old
17Alphabetical Words
182012\'s Most Performed Operas by Title Character
19Planet Bob
20Homer\'s Women
21Athletic TV Stars
22Women Poets
23Caribbean Travel & Tourism
242012: Countdown to Mayan Ragnarok
25Muppet Rhyme Time
26River Song
27Presidents\' Families
28College Sports
29F. Scott Fitzgerald
30Censored Movies
31Names from the IKEA Catalog
34Middle School Physics
35Potent Edibles
36Deities & Their Offspring
37Are We There Yet?
38Biblical Name\'s the Same
39Extra! Extra!
40Medical Procedures
41Award Winners & Medalists
42Shakespearean Haiku
43Sounds Like a World Capital, Sort of
44Don't “Try” This at Home
45“This” Is It
46Grover Cleveland Served Another Term
47Failed Sports Predictions
48Classical Music for the Oboe
49Do You Know the Way to San Jose?
50Project Runway
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