Category listing

IDCategory name
51Assassination Attempts
52Women of Classic Rock
53There's an “A. P.” for That
54Childhood Ailments & Maladies
55Singing Nuns
56Really, Really Ancient Literature
59Scrambled Eggs and Bacon
60Philosophy: The Talk on a Cereal Box
62Painters Painting Painters
63Toys & Games
64Not-Technically-English-Per-Se Literature
65Visual "N"."T".-ties
66The Golden Razzies
67It Goes All the Way to Eleven
68Uneasy Lies the Head
69Legend . . . Wait for It . . . Dairy
70Inorganic Chemistry
71Best-Selling Musical Acts
72Ain't No Mountain
73A Country Boy Can Survive
74Actors & Actresses By Supporting Roles
75School Supplies
76Young Adult Books & Authors
77You Are the Category
78Best Musical Revival
80Civil War Battles
81Cooking Equipment
82You Asked for It
83Print Media
84“A” in Economics
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